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NEW Updated Test Car 2 Booklet: £5.00 + p&p

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Test Car 2 during a Slip / Brake Test in 1987

Test Car 2 – ADB975397 was used for over 40 years by British Rail and Serco based out of the RTC at Derby. Thankfully this unique coach is now in preservation under the care of the Quorn Wagon & Wagon group at the Great Central Railway.

This 36 page booklet provides an insight into how this coach was modified for its role as a Test Car and gives a detailed account of the slip/brake testing process for which the Test Car was mainly used by British Rail.

All profits from purchases of this booklet go towards helping Quorn Wagon & Wagon restoring and maintaining a unique part of UK railway history that is Test Car 2.

Paperback Booklet - A5

36 pages with over forty colour photographs and diagrams.

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